Monday, August 11, 2014

Good Shoes For Interviews

Since I just finished my degree last July, me and my friends have attended a number of mock and real job interviews. Of course we were well prepared before we went for our interviews and the one thing that we focused on was what we were to say instead of what we were wearing. (Which is actually equally as important)

Going to interviews may be quite nerve wrecking and looking your best is always important.  The first impression to an interviewer always is a charmer and you will have to prepare the proper attire including perfect looking shoes. This is because the outfit will not earn points if matched with the wrong shoes. So why not score some points during that interview with fashionable yet appropriate footwear.  

So what are the proper shoes for both men and women to wear during these interviews? For the men, the classic black leather shoes is a must have item in their fashion wardrobe. The flexibility of black colour shoes allows men to pair it with any formal outfit. However, the men could switch it up with a brown, grey, dark blue or white dress shoes for a modern feel. It also shouts out sexy! 
Meanwhile, the ladies have a wider choice of shoes to wear for interviews. You must be thinking, heels! Opt for neutral coloured pumps such as nude, brown or grey. Any other colours such as pink, red or blue will draw people’s attention straight to your shoes. It will look great when paired with a pencil skirt or dress pants. As a saying by the famous Christian Louboutin, ‘High heels empower women in a way’.  Walk with confidence and shine at your interview.  
Besides that, women who prefer comfort should attempt wearing heels less than three inches in height. The alternative for women is pairing that beautiful smart outfit with a nice pair of kitten heels. A little bit of a heel will still show your professional look. At least, keep a pair of black kitten heels as it could be easily match with any outfit. Not only is it more comfortable compared to those killer high heels but very appropriate for interviews. If you are wondering where to get a new pair of shoe for that important interview, check out Zalora website as it offers many stylish designs from many local and international brands. You could shop for your shoes online without event stepping out of the house. 

Hope my tip could help ya'll in need. Good luck!  

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